Silent Knowledge

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In the book, The Power of Silence, Don Juan talks about “Silent Knowledge” as a state of awareness that mankind was once anchored in. It was described as a position of the assemblage point that was governed not by reason, but by intent. He went on to say how humanity was now anchored in the place of “reason” – rather than silent knowledge – but that due to our true nature as humans, we still long for the place we have lost, the place of deeper wisdom and knowing the infinity of human potential that is embodied in the expression, “silent knowledge”.

Silent Knowledge is something that all of us have, something that has complete mastery, complete knowledge of everything. But it cannot think, therefore it cannot speak what it knows.

“Sorcerers believe that when man became aware that he knew, he lost sight of what he knew. This silent knowledge, which you cannot describe, is of course, intent – the spirit, the abstract. Man’s error was to want to know it directly, the way he knew everyday life. The more he wanted, the more ephemeral it became. Man gave up silent knowledge for the world of reason. The more he clings to the world of reason, the more ephemeral intent becomes.”


  1. “And life, at this point, truly begins. True transformation, true change is the burning of the old, so that the seeds of the new can grow and flourish. This is the mandate of life, of nature and of the human spirit.”
    “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you understand why” Wrongly (or not) attributed to Mark Twain.

    • Beautiful reflection. Thanks for that.

  2. I found Castaneda’s trilogy on the sidewalk a month ago. The original three: Teachings of Don Juan, A Separate Reality, and Journey to Ixtlan, this was not by accident. While on the bus today I willed a man intent and transfixed unto his own distractions; headphones in and staring at his phone. I willed him to look at me. These accounts by Castaneda are the most real I have read, thought, experienced, and related to others so far in my short life. I believe, as others with whom I am attracted to, know without needing supposed “proof” that so many non-believers love to use as a way to justify their ignorance and discredit the only real thing they or I for that matter have ever experienced.

    The world is soooo much more than the physical, materialistic existence we encounter on a daily basis. We are spiritual beings. When people say anything is possible, do not limit your definition of “anything”. Don Juan jumped higher than the highest trees, he transformed into a crow, he introduced Carlos to ‘Mescalito’ the spirit of the peyote cactus. These accounts are not fiction. We are more than human. Just as people love to discredit the bible these days and deny the fact that we are literally “sons of God”. We are God. The creator gave us the divine spark necessary to experience higher levels of consciousness. It is not a lie that literally, SATAN, the controller of all that is material, all that happens during our physical stay on Earth, has a sole purpose of deception. This experience we are all sharing, being a human on Earth, this is not even the tip of the iceberg. We are spiritual beings descended directly from our creator, God. Our materialistic existence is a mere test. We are divine. Do not doubt yourself. I love you. God loves you. Love yourself.

    • The teachings of Don Juan are – in his own words – the “pathway that has heart”. Labels, religious exclamations, so-called ‘miracles’ are not part of the Nagual’s teachings – as expressed by Castaneda. Those teachings were the documentation of a doorway to other realms, made possible by the impeccable journey of the student. Living in this light, one does not need superlatives or doctrines. It is a journey of true experiential learning.

  3. Why is the word ‘mankind’ used instead of ‘humankind’ ? I’m surprised to see this happening in a website that acknowledges such a powerful work.

    • Good point, and thank you for your attention to this detail.

  4. hi. and i hop eyou get this message.. the powere of silence is one book
    but no one talks about a book called el silencio interno which is out of stock. i believe in english is silent knowledge but is out of stock and i dont see it anywhere.. i hope you know that the power of silence adn inner knowlegde ar e2 books…

  5. I am so grateful for your books. As a teenager they opened my eyes to the truth and beauty of life.
    They have incubated my discernment. And opened my eyes to what is truly going on in the world TODAY.

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