Ivan Kelarev

Let me introduce myself. I am a graphic illustrator artist. At this time I am illustrating 12 books of Carlos Castaneda in the quantity of 250 linocut gravures of the content of the books and 12 book covers made in the same technique.


Currently, I have already done 25 works: “Arendator’, “Atlanta”, “Benefactor”, “Guardian”, “Dance of Sakateki”, “Phantom”, “Genaro”, “Bruho”, “Don Juan”, “Double”, “La Catalina”, “Magical Passes”, “Petty Tyrant”, “Nagual”, “Inorganic Beings”, “Island of the Tonal”, “Young Carlos”,  “Challenge with Death”, “Crack Between the Worlds”, “Dis-automatization”, “Stalker”, “Anthropologist Bill”, “Mescalito”, “Mirror of Reflection”, “Out of Body Experience”.

My mission as an artist is to give readers a possibility of getting a harmony “illustration-text-reader” through taking himself into unknown substance which would be possible by creating multifaceted visual figures of illustration.

The purpose of the project is to be the first in illustrating of complete set of works devoted to illustrating his teachings as a “path of knowledge”. These Illustrations will present visual interpretation of all described characters, significant places, occasions, events, all with an abstract interpretation of the substance of the teachings.

This is a longstanding aim, requiring of much hard work.

I don’t identify Castaneda’s books as a “religious idea”, my concerns as an artist are to interpret his works for a visual expression.

Best regards,

Ivan Kelarev.

UPDATE: Apr 22, 2022
Kelarev (1996) – graphic artist, illustrator. Free bricklayer. Member of the Eurasian Art Union. Creator of the art project “Postcards of Worlds.” Developer of the concept of the mixed installation “Black Cube.” Limited print prints are stored in private collections and funds of Russia, Europe and America.

Explaining his work, Kelarev introduced an understandable term – HEURISTIC GRAPHICS (from the Greek. I find, open), which is expressive black and white graphic illusions inspired by visionary experiences. In the world of illusion, an atmosphere of silence is observed, and attention is drawn to detail. Ivan Kelarev conducts large-scale work on the creation of 333 strangest engraved illustrations for 12 volumes of best-selling books by philosopher and esoteric Carlos Castaneda, devoted to the presentation of the doctrine of the “Path of Knowledge.”


Heuristic graphics as a form of visionary creativity – a look into the abyss of human nature, resting on the depths of the hidden foundations of the under-construction spirit of the awakened artist @artkelar.

These are my experiences and joys, my fears and mania, my Socratic method, my vision of reality, dressed in spots of optical illusions and emanating from the shadow I cast. My work is for people and only in a small part about people, so heuristic graphics are the art of quiet contemplation in the digital era of high speed connection…”

Sincerely, Ivan Kelarev

P.S. I will keep you updated.  www.facebook.com/artkelar/