The Intent of Infinity …

Posted on February 22, 2022 in Awareness, Lessons, Quotes, The Active Side of Infinity 0 comments

Carlos Quotes Don Juan Mateus:

“What put you and me together,” he went on, “was the intent of infinity. It is impossible to determine what this intent of infinity is, yet it is there, as palpable as you and I are. Sorcerers say that it is a tremor in the air. The advantage of sorcerers is to know that the tremor in the air exists, and to acquiesce to it without any further ado. For sorcerers, there’s no pondering, wondering, or speculating. They know that all they have is the possibility of merging with the intent of infinity, and they just do it.”

It happens – in the life of a Teacher and Student – that the two meet surreptitiously, sometimes with an omen or foreshadowing, but most often with a magic wind, or a door opening that ushers in a certain, unmistakable fragrance.

This intoxicating signal is simply the loving hand of the higher universe that supports and protects us all, inviting us into a classroom of formal training.  Another step higher on the ladder of personal evolution.

How vital it is to recognize that “cubic centimeter of chance”, and to pluck it.  To act on it. To walk through the opening door.  To embrace and recognize the unseen hand that is about to feed the hungry heart.

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