The Loneliness of Eternity

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“In the life of a Warrior, it is extremely natural to be sad for no overt reason. It is said that man as a luminous being senses his final destination whenever the boundaries of the known are broken.

A mere glimpse of the eternity outside the cocoon is enough to disrupt the coziness of our inventory. The resulting melancholy is so intense that it can bring about death.”

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“There is nothing more lonely than eternity. And nothing is more cozy for us than to be a human being. This indeed is another contradiction – how can man keep the bonds of his humanness, and still venture gladly and purposefully into the absolute loneliness of eternity? Whenever you resolve this riddle, you’ll be ready for the definitive journey.”

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“Who cares about sadness?  Think only of the mysteries; mystery is all that matters. We are living beings. We have to die and relinquish our awareness. But if we could change just a tinge of that, what mysteries must await us! What mysteries!”

– Don Juan Matus, The Fire From Within


  1. Very good job and thanks for sharing such a blog.
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  2. Thank you. This is very good work for which many will be grateful.

  3. The answer to Juan Matus’s riddle is, BY REALIZING ONE IS ON ASSIGNMENT

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