The Nagual

The Nagual is the teacher who becomes the gateway, the doorway, the intermediate between the world of the “seeker” or apprentice, and the world of the spirit. The Nagual has been described as being “empty” – devoid of ego and the personal self that modern mans attention and devotion is trapped by. The Nagual reflects only the infinite, and is a pure conduit for the commands of the spirit.

The Nagual has been described as a peculiar energetic configuration, of a different structure than the “egg-shaped” luminous bodies of your average man. He is described as a compounded set of 4 luminous quadrants. In this respect, Castaneda was an anomaly: a configuration of 3 compressed luminous spheres, rather than the traditional four.

Carlos’ training as a Nagual, and his resulting role as Nagual was transformational: both to the traditions of Don Juan’s lineage, and to the knowledge of the Sorcerer’s creed. First of all, he ushered in an ending to the ages-old lineage of naguals and apprentices in Don Juan’s lineage. Secondly, he facilitated an exposé of the covert, secretly-held teachings of generations of sorcerers, and a rendition of these teachings out into the public realm.

Carlos has filled both roles as “terminator” of the lineage, due to his unique energetic configuration, and as a translator or interpreter of these arcane teachings, into a form that could be easily understood and assimilated by those who are open to the “voice of the second attention”. His teachings, in the form of his series of books, reached millions upon millions of readers, and was translated into dozens of languages.

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The Second Attention

Early in Carlos Castaneda’s apprenticeship, Don Juan introduced the basics of the second attention.  This was a state of heightened awareness that was distinct and different than our day-to-day state of mind, which was called the first attention.  Besides being an altered state of awareness and perception, it was also a portal or gateway to other realms; for example the threshold crossed in dreaming.

The first attention, our normal modus operandi, is the way we operate, perceive and navigate in daily life.   This state of being (or more appropriately – “doing”) is arrived at through the complex development and layering of the mind-ego conglomerate, with its attendant programs, scripts, justifications, excuses, self-adoration, criticisms, flaws and patterns.  It’s as though our consciousness was on “auto-pilot” and we careen through life, largely unaware of the true nature of self and world.

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