Quote: “A Man of Knowledge…”

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“A man of knowledge is one who has followed truthfully the hardships of learning, a man who has, without rushing or faltering, gone as far as he can in unraveling the secrets of personal power.”

~ Don Juan Matus – from Journey to Ixtlan

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  1. What is intelligence? We all think we are smart, or not too smart. But we never ask ourselves “what is intelligence?” “What does it do?”. Intelligence is the sense of time. With it we connect time and space. That’s it. Just a sense, like the sense of smell, taste or sight. We think we are better than animals because our “intelligence” is greater. But lots of animal have intelligence as well. Bears prepare to hibernate, squirrels hide nuts for winter. They know about the future. They do have intelligence, they can sense time, past and future. I bet bears think we are very stupid. They can smell a thousand times better than us. Each time they see a human being not able to smell them, they think “these humans are so inferior, they can’t even smell me!” In their world, their perception, their awareness, they are the best. In our world, where the sense of time is our strong suit, we are the best. At the end, intelligence is just a sense. We don’t make decisions with just one sense, decisions are made at the level of the nagual. Intelligence, the sense of time, is as negligible as the sense of taste.

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